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I want to make this site as informative and helpful as possible for both beginners and advanced Visual FoxPro developers. If you don't see something here that you feel should be, or if you would like to post utilities for download, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. me.

Interested in The History of FoxPro here is a good link with lots of information.  Interested in what can be done with FoxPro?  The Ultimate Power and Speed of FoxPro and VFP Success Stories are great places to start.

If you are still using and older version of VFP and are looing for a Foxtool.fll help file here it is.

Visual Basic Links
I am not really a VB or ASP programmer but I have found some links that have helped when I needed some information on those topics.  If anyone out there has some good link please send me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Do you want to generate thumbnail images on the fly?  Well here is something that does the job really well.  ASPJpeg, works great.

Recently I had a need to return some binary data using ASP.  I couldn't find help anywhere.  Finally someone pointed out a Microsoft KB article,  it works great,  here is the link.

ASP Chat Application is a really cool link if you are trying to develop a message board.  The price is right at 0 dollars.

Office Visual Basic Programmers Guide Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications CoverYourASP  
Here are some resources that will get you started on your way to learning\using Java.  The first thing you will need to do is download the Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows.  If you get stuck on a definition of a word check out the Glossary of Java Related Terms.  Looking form some documentation,  check out the Java Platform Documentation and Java Coding Conventions. Looking for a little snippet of code?  Take a look at  it is a great source for scientific and engineering related information.  Below you will find links to excellent source code editors, books and on-line tutorials.  I have included some links here for JavaScript,  I know it isn't Java but this is just for organizational purposes. Enjoy.
Tutorial & Short Courses.  Some very good tutorials from Sun and
HTML Goodies.  Here is an excellent tutorial.  Helped me get up and running in no time.
Website Abstraction ,  I haven't used this one myself but it looks complete and easy to navigate to what your interested in.
Online Language Reference(JavaScript)
Understanding and Using JavaScript Statements
Thinking in Java (Link does not function any more). An excellent book on the Java language by Bruce Eckel.  The entire book is available for downloading at no cost.
"Core Java Foundation Classes" by Kim Topley. Best book I've run across on GUI development.
Text Editors
JCreator  a greate freeware Editor for Java and HTML (1.9 MB download). This is a greate editor and if you are familiar with the C++ IDE you will love JCreator.
JPad a very nice shareware Editor for Java, C++, HTML, Pearl, and other file types. There are two versions, JPad and JPad Pro. Download is about 2.2 MB.
Dick Chase's Java Editor a more basic Java editor. It is small, quick to download (213KB zip file), fast, fits on a floppy and runs from the floppy. The other editors must be "installed" on the computer before you can use them. 
EditPad is a great editor that I use every day.  It can even be used as a replacement for Windows NotePad.
Java Links
Sun's Java Home Page Java Coffee Break
JavaScript Links
Morten's JavaScript Tree Menu The JavaScript Source
Internet Related Technologies Website Abstraction
JavaScript Toolbox SimplyTheBest JavaScripts
  Dynamic Drive

Ever had some trouble with your HTML?  Missing a tag somewhere?  Here are some links that I found to HTML Validation Tools and an online HTML Validation Service.  I have used Tidy my self and it is very helpful in pointing out the problems in my html.  HTML compression?  Do you have any large pages that just take to long to transfer?  Here is an editor that I found Arachnophilia,  the price is right...  FREE.


Need direction in designing your web pages?  Take a look at

Wiki HTML Reference
Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi Web Design Group(Good Link)
Mikodocs Guide to HTML WDG's HTML\CSS Refrence Distribution Page
HTML Tidy  


Cascading Style Sheets
TopStyle (Editor) CSS Properties List (Tutorial)  W3School (CSS)
I recently had a need to work with an XML file and had no clue about how to deal with it other then the fact that I knew I had to use the XML DOM object to handle parsing the file contents.  I found Learn XML in 11.5 minutes and it helped me get started with understanding the way an XML file was structured.
Looking to register your domain name?  Here are a few links.  If anyone has some good links just drop me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
DirectNIC Networksolutions GoDaddy


Have you been looking for a framework?  In FoxPro there are a ton of frameworks out there,  I found it really hard to find equivalents in the .Net world.  I have listed a few of the frameworks that I found along with some comments.
Commercial Frameworks

StrataFrame - This is a new .NET framework.  I am personally using this framework,  and love it.  With StrataFrame I was productive right away.  I think the way that data is handled is VERY intuitive for anyone that is coming from a FoxPro background.  That being said,  I don't feel that this framework is as "developed" as some of the others out there in terms of features, YET!  It is a perfect fit for me being a .NET newbie, I feel like I am getting in on the ground floor and can grow with the framework.  I will update my comments the more I use the framework.


MM .NET Framework - MM .Net s written by Kevin McNeish who has also authored a framework for Visual FoxPro along with books and many articles.  This is a very complete and well designed framework.  I just wasn't smart enough to really "get it" but I would definitely recommend anyone looking for a framework to take a look for yourself.

Iron Speed - I would classify Iron Speed as an application generator.  It was really cool and did a LOT of work for you almost like magic.  The problem with this framework, for me, is that it is geared towards Web\ASP.Net development and I was looking for a WinForms tool.  It also seemed really hard to customize the system functionality.



Castle - Castle is an open source project for .net that aspires to simplify the development of enterprise and web applications. Offering a set of tools (working together or independently) and integration with others open source projects, Castle helps you get more done with less code.

IdeaBlade - A while back when I was looking for Frameworks I couldn't find but 2, now they seem to be getting more and more popular.



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