After more then a decade of designing websites for everything from wrestling federations to software companies in their spare time, the founders of TechBridge are now "officially" offering their services to you.

Why Would I Need a Website?

This is the question we get the most.  There are SEVERAL reasons.  We could talk for days about this but we'll try to keep it short. 

The simple answer is that, in this day and age, your customers ARE looking for you on the Internet.  They want to know your hours of operation.  They want to get your address and directions.  They want to actually see your products and/or learn about your services from the comfort of their home.  They want to see upcoming events and specials.  Could they call and find these things out?  Yes, but it's much more convenient to search all of these at once right from their computer in the comfort of their own home.  That's what today's customers are looking for.  If they can't find these things conveniently, you ARE losing business... even from current customers.  But what about customers who are looking for you for the first time?

If your competitor has this convenient access and you don't, you are losing those precious new customers.  You spend money on advertising but if those customers you are targeting are searching for your business on the Internet after hearing or seeing that ad and find another business and don't find your's, not only did that money go to waste, you basically just advertised for your competitor.  We're not trying to scare you here, that's just the way today's marketplace works.

There is a lot more information here to get you to where you need to be.  Keep reading.  We're confident that you will see the value of a website from TechBridge.

When we say that we're "Bridging the Gap Between Your Business and Technology", it's not just a slogan.  It's what we do.

Is a Website Worth the Money?

This is another question that we hear all the time.  This one is very easy to answer though.  Figure that, depending on how much advertising you do, you are losing between 10-50 new customers a month.  Then add 10%-25% of lost revenue from current customers to that amount. Compare that to the initial investment of a website plus the hosting/maintenance cost per month, and you have your answer. 

One other VERY important thing to keep in mind is the quality of your website if you find that it is cost effective to get one.  Is an $800 website sufficient for you business?  If you have no competitors and your customers would be happy with the basics, probably.  Should you spend $5000 on design plus maintenance costs every month?  Possibly, if you are in a VERY competitive market with hundreds of competitors in your immediate area.  Most of our customers are somewhere in the middle.

We don't force you into what we call "one or the other."  Most other companies will.  You'll either get an option of the "cheap site" or the "expensive site".  We will work with your business to determine what you really need and develop a site and hosting solution that fits your business, rather than telling you what you need because that's all we're capable of doing. 

Unlike the other companies, we want you to look at our competitors.  That way, once you talk to us, you can clearly see the difference.  You will see that we are clearly different.... and better.

Can I See Some Examples?


Can you see examples of some of the websites we've designed?  Of course!  We've got nothing to hide.  We would especially LOVE for you to compare our sites with the sites that other companies have developed.  We believe that we're better and we're confident that you will too.  Once you've seen their sites, please check out our portfolio.  After all that, if you think we might be for you, please contact us.

Ok, So Why TechBridge?

Hopefully you've already seen our About Us page.  If not, plese check it out and see what we bring to the table.  Please compare that with the other companies you might be looking at.  After you compare our experience, look at what they offer you.  Do you want an inferior site for a "cheap" price?  Do you want a VERY expenisive site if that's not what you need? 

Most of our clients would prefer a site that matches what they really need rather than a "cookie cutter" solution.  If you feel that's what you need after reading through our resouces here, please feel free to contact us.

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