After more then a decade of designing websites for everything from wrestling federations to software companies in their spare time, the founders of TechBridge are now "officially" offering their services to you.

About Who?

(a.k.a.So you want to know a bit more about us before you blindly sign up for a site?

Not the most time saving method but probably more business savvy.)

The Begining

Actually, this is the begining.  The two founders have more than 50 years combined experience in the technology industry, so we're no newcomers.  We are a new web design and hosting company though, pastarchiveswith a whole new approach to building and hosting websites for your business.  We won't charge you $799 to build a site that looks like a Junior High student was the "designer."  We also won't charge you $5,000 for a professional site and then either $500 a month to keep it updated or $100 a month to host it and then (assuming you already know HTML, Java, etc.) make you update it yourself.  What we will do is design and build you a professional website for a very reasonable price.  Then, we'll give you several options for hosting, maintaining and updating your site that fit your business needs.  Still interested?  We hope so.  Go ahead and keep checking out the site and contact us.  With our personalized and professional service, you won't be disappointed.  Let's grow your business together.

Our "Roots"

hawaii2k4-27-roots  The founders' original roots are in California and Hawai'i.  There they received University degrees in Computer Science, A+ certifications in hardware and software, Microsoft certifications and were awarded the prestigious "Miscosoft Partner" status.  They have experience in starting a technical business from the gound up as well as developing software and also websites for a multi million dollar software company, among others.  Not too bad huh?

map_of_twin_falls_idEven with the California/Hawai'i connection, the company was born in Twin Falls, Idaho.  We have worked with clients in Twin Falls, every state in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Guatemala, etc.  We've got worldwide experience but we're still a hometown company.  If you decide to go with us, we will meet you at your business to customize a solution for you, or set up a personal web conference with our remote technology.  When you need support or updates, you will be dealing with someone who can handle it with the latest technology.  You'll feel like we're right there with you, even if you are 3000 miles away.  We invite you to find this with anyone else.  We'll be happy to provide you with links to other companies so you can compare.  Will they do the same so you can compare their sites and prices head to head with ours?  I wouldn't bet on it!  Click here to go to our contact page and get started now! 

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