After more then a decade of designing websites for everything from wrestling federations to software companies in their spare time, the founders of TechBridge are now "officially" offering their services to you.

So, what do you guys offer?

social-network  Right now we are offering, what we firmly believe, is the best website design and hosting around.  Website design and hosting that is built around your business needs rather than a generic solution that you are told you "need."  Sound familiar?  That's why we started this company.  After seeing so many companies that either say you need too much or too little because that's all they are capable of, we knew we could do better.  Would you rather deal with a company that gives you options that are actually based on your needs without sacrificing quality?  Contact us and we'll design a solution for you.

Don't have a logo for your business?  We can design one for you.  Whether you want one just for your website or one that you can use in advertising, promotionals or even on a sign outside your front door, we've got what you need.  Since we are designing the logo for you, you are only limited by your imagination.  Heck, you can even use ours for that matter.server-room2

We will be adding more services all the time.  The first of which will be I.T. services for your business.  Where else are you going to find technicians with CURRENT references from satisfied clients accross the United States, Canada and elsewhere?   With the lack of qualified and quality technicians, coupled with out vast experience, it just makes sense.  Stay tuned to our news section for new service launch announcements.

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