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New Android Development Links

Here is a development option that I recently found, looks promising, Basic4Android.  It is a RAD object oriented programming language (with syntax similar to MS Visual Basic) that compiles down to native code with no runtime licenses to worry about.  If I get some "free" time I will definately look into this one.

New PHP Links

Check out the new PHP links.

New .Net Links

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New Foxpro Links

wwDotnetBridge is now open source!!  Developed by Rick Strahl, wwDotnetBridge is a .NET Runtime hosting engine and .NET access helper for Visual FoxPro.  It allos hosting of the .NET runtime in your FoxPro applications and can access .NET components without having to register those components for COM first.  This opens up most of the .NET framework and .NET 3rd party libraries to your Foxpro applications.

Lianja App Builder™ enables you to quickly create professional-quality business Apps for Desktop, Cloud or Mobile devices on Windows, Linux and Mac using Visual FoxPro, Python, PHP, and HTML5/JavaScript.  This stuff look interesting, I gotta look into it myself.

If you are thinking about implementing a client server type solution but don't want to move to SQL just yet,  take a look at SunLINE SDK. This is a Foxpro solution to client server technology.  I haven't used the product but would be interested in hearing the opinions of anyone that has.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

Two new links that recently came across are VFP2IIS and FoxInCloud.  Try the FoxIncloud demo, looks cool.

VFP Compiler

VFPConversion Products, look interesting with VFP2Net Project Analyzer, Reports, Forms and Data.

FoxyPreviewer, this looks like it might be a great option, a new report preview window with the type of options you would have hoped would have been included in the out of the box product.

How about a class to generate barcode images directly from 100% Foxpro code, NO ActiveX control,  check out FoxBarcode.

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