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Sencha Touch in Action - This looks like it is going to be a good book.  I started out being for Sencha Touch 1.0 and has be updated to 2.0.  Can't wait for this book to be availible.

Sencha Touch Cookbook - Here is the book that I started with, it is a Sencha Touch 1.0 book but 2.0 wasn't even out when I got it.  It was very useful for setting up my development environment using Eclipse.

Building a Sencha Touch Application - A Hands-On Tutorial for Mobile Application Developers - This was some of the best money I have spent for an online book, I was a little leary at first, but it was easy to follow and explained how to build a simple Sencha Touch 2 application.  Once the application is completed this book even covers an MVC implimentation of the same application.  Great job Jorge. (Here is a link to a Sencha Touch 1.1 version of the book).

Sencha Touch Tutorials and References - Here is a page with a bunch of cool Sencha Touch Links, just like this page.

Anatomy of a Sencha Touch 2 App - Here is an article by Ed Spencer, a great explination of the basic setup of a Sencha Touch application.

Building a data-driven image carousel with Sencha Touch 2 - This is another great article by Ed Spencer,

Here is a cool grid control implimented in Sencha Touch 2.0, Ext.ux.touch.grid. I haven't found a good reason to use it yet, but I am sure I will.  Thanks Mitchell Simoens.

Learn Sencha Touch - Here is a link directly to the Sencha website and some very good resources

Learn Sencha Touch w/ Drew Neil - Check out these videos, seems to be a good compilation of information.  I went the old fashin route and read a book.

Important SDK Tools / Sencha Command Update - Link to a post in the Sencha forms that is a good start for explaining how the Sencha SDK Tools work.

Packaging your Sencha Touch 2 Application using the Sencha SDK Tools - Here is a great article by Robert Dougan for publishing your Sencha Touch application using the native Sencha SDK tools.

Packaging Sencha Touch 2 with PhoneGap (Cordova) - Another great article by Robert Dougan, this one is specifically about packaging you app using PhoneGap (Cordova).

Developer Signup for Google Play (Android app publication)


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