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Ever had some trouble with your HTML?  Missing a tag somewhere?  Here are some links that I found to HTML Validation Tools and an online HTML Validation Service.  I have used Tidy my self and it is very helpful in pointing out the problems in my html.  HTML compression?  Do you have any large pages that just take to long to transfer?  Here is an editor that I found Arachnophilia,  the price is right...  FREE.


Need direction in designing your web pages?  Take a look at

Wiki HTML Reference
Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi Web Design Group(Good Link)
Mikodocs Guide to HTML WDG's HTML\CSS Refrence Distribution Page
HTML Tidy  HTML Beginers Guid (Dakota's Link)


Cascading Style Sheets
TopStyle (Editor) CSS Properties List (Tutorial)  W3School (CSS)
I recently had a need to work with an XML file and had no clue about how to deal with it other then the fact that I knew I had to use the XML DOM object to handle parsing the file contents.  I found Learn XML in 11.5 minutes and it helped me get started with understanding the way an XML file was structured.
Looking to register your domain name?  Here are a few links.  If anyone has some good links just drop me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
DirectNIC Networksolutions GoDaddy
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