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Here are some resources that will get you started on your way to learning\using Java.  The first thing you will need to do is download the Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows.  If you get stuck on a definition of a word check out the Glossary of Java Related Terms.  Looking form some documentation,  check out the Java Platform Documentation and Java Coding Conventions. Looking for a little snippet of code?  Take a look at  it is a great source for scientific and engineering related information.  Below you will find links to excellent source code editors, books and on-line tutorials.  I have included some links here for JavaScript,  I know it isn't Java but this is just for organizational purposes. Enjoy.
Tutorial & Short Courses.  Some very good tutorials from Sun and
HTML Goodies.  Here is an excellent tutorial.  Helped me get up and running in no time.
Website Abstraction ,  I haven't used this one myself but it looks complete and easy to navigate to what your interested in.
Online Language Reference(JavaScript)
Understanding and Using JavaScript Statements
Thinking in Java (Link does not function any more). An excellent book on the Java language by Bruce Eckel.  The entire book is available for downloading at no cost.
"Core Java Foundation Classes" by Kim Topley. Best book I've run across on GUI development.
Text Editors
JCreator  a greate freeware Editor for Java and HTML (1.9 MB download). This is a greate editor and if you are familiar with the C++ IDE you will love JCreator.
JPad a very nice shareware Editor for Java, C++, HTML, Pearl, and other file types. There are two versions, JPad and JPad Pro. Download is about 2.2 MB.
Dick Chase's Java Editor a more basic Java editor. It is small, quick to download (213KB zip file), fast, fits on a floppy and runs from the floppy. The other editors must be "installed" on the computer before you can use them. 
EditPad is a great editor that I use every day.  It can even be used as a replacement for Windows NotePad.
Java Links
Sun's Java Home Page Java Coffee Break
JavaScript Links
Morten's JavaScript Tree Menu The JavaScript Source
Internet Related Technologies Website Abstraction
JavaScript Toolbox SimplyTheBest JavaScripts
  Dynamic Drive
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