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Started to get into the hobby and MAN does it take a lot of money.  Also, you can find 50 sites that tell you something is good and 50 more that say the exact opposite.  I have found some sites that I really like to follow.  I started to follow a form, Reef Scanctuary, it is really cool and the people there are great.  I kinda just drop by every few days and check out the post that look interesting.  Here is a great link if you are just starting to cycle your saltwater tank.

Another site that I recently found is Aquarium Advice, seems to be really cool and have information about fresh water as well as saltwater tanks.

Here is a couple of YouTube sites that I like to follow.  The first site is NewYorkSteelo's channel.  There is a tremendous amount of information and if you don't have a local club or friends that are in the hobby, take a look.  The 2nd channel is LA Fishguys, fun stuff.

Now here is a great link,  have you ever looked into your tank after adding some new rock or a new coral and noticed a new inhabitant.  Well take a look at this visual HitchHiker Guide.

Algae problems?  Here is a great nuisance algae identification page over at  Here is another thread I found on Cyano it seems be reather complete, check it out. How to pick a cleanup crew,  some good information and it explains what the different member of the cleanup crew do.  OK, just a quick note here, I have had some very bad algae issues with my tank, NOTHING has helped, then I found Dr Tim's Waste Away.  If you are having issues, definately give it a try.  I has made a world of difference in my tank.

I have had my tank for over 4 years now and STILL don't have a large population of Amphpods or Copepods, so I am going to have to purchase them online, since I don't have any friends in the hobby locally and the two local pet shops doesn't seem to have any. Here are a few links: Live Copepods, Detritivore Kit.  OK, I just (09-08-12) got an order from Reef22Go, this is THE ONLY place you want to order from if you are looking for some amphipods\copepods.  Order came and there was a bag with a filter pad COVERED in amphipods (can't really see copepods), every time I clean my tank now, I find them.  So... what are you waiting for give them a try.  I was afraid to order at first, but don't be, quality company.

Ok, I was looking for a light for my sump and found this link, 19w 5100k compact fluorescent. I ended up going with the Macro Glo setup, haven't used it yet, but when I do I will give some feed back.  Speaking of sumps, here is one of the best articles that I have found explaing a sump.

So I started looking into tank controls, and there are a lot of options other there, here are some links to the more common ones, ReefKeeper, Apex Aquacontroller,  I even found one called the Reef Angel Controller, it is an Open Source controls,  the price looks right.

Here are some tools to help in the day to day stuff.  The 'How To" Guide to Reef Aquarium Chemistry is a good start.  Also check out the Reef Chemistry Calculator.

Ok, now on to something different, Vodka Dosing, that is right you heard me Vodka Dosing!!!  If you are interested check out the link.  Here is a Vodka Dosing thread.

I am about to break down one of my tanks, a 25 gallon hex in my home office.  I don't know what I got but, I am sure it was becuase I didn't quarentine,  let that be a lesson.  So try and find information about cleaning and or disinfecting a tank, I got about 12 different options and combinations.  So.... I am just going to provid link one and link two here and tell you that checking out NewYorkSteelo's channel is the information that I ended up using.

This stuff is getting to long, I think I am going to have to seperate this into sections. Here are some link to online companies, if you have any experience with them please drop me an email so that I can post it here for every one to learn from.

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