Visual FoxPro Tools and Utilities

Following are some VFP tools and utilities that can be used in any application. SIZERIGHT, resizes forms without modifications to your current objects; MSGBOX, gets user input for multiple-answer questions. VFPCOM, a run time command line utility; and DBFCMP, dbf structure compare and fix utility. Take a look.  Hope you find something you need.
SizeRight, a VCX that you can drop on a form and it will resize your controls. I found a lot of controls out there, but they were either too complicated or just didn't work. I decided that there had to be another way. I found a class in the VFP documentation and decided to go from there. This class is by no means a "Do All" control, but it will provide you with the ability to have forms that can be resized dynamically. The control is very simple to use - simply drop the control on your form and in the resize event of the form call the control's adjustcontrols method. This control is ideal to add resize ability to an existing form without much modifications.

MsgBox, a program that will solve the problem of having to use the messagebox function two or three times in a row to answer a simple question. The function allows for any length message and any number of buttons. All buttons are automatically hot keyed and positioned. There is a timer so that messages can "Auto Answer." You can also specify an image to be displayed. All in all, this little prg will make things a lot easier for getting user input to questions.
DBFCmp, a team of prgs that will help solve the problem of keeping the user's dbf structures and indexes in order. The main prg creates three tables that are used to check the structure of your user's tables. Simply run this util on your machine and transfer the three tables to your user's machines. When run on their machines, it will modify the table's structures to match those defined in the dbfs. There is also a reindex routine that will reindex all of your tables based on the structures in these three tables. Every time I run this, it saves me hours. It also allows you to be flexible in your dbf structures, so that NEW features can be added without the concern that it will take weeks to get everyone's dbfs updated
VFPCOM (Currently unavailible), This is an invaluable tool that can be built into your applications to allow you to perform various "command line" FoxPro functions. You can do everything from 'modify structure' to 'browse' the various dbf's in your application. The simple layout and information provided by this form will soon have you preferring this to the good old command line.
ListMenu,  Designed to display a listing of a MENU designed with the MENU Builder provided in VFP6.0.  This listing was designed to provide an at a glance listing of the entire menu, most often required by existing & potential clients.  Provided by Freddie Rodrigues

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