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Here are some links to other FoxPro sites that contain tons of information.  If there are any links that you think are missing please send me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
FoxPro Websites
West Wind Technologies GLR Software
SweetPotato Software Blog Tightline Computers Inc.
Milan Kosina's Program Library  
Abri Technologies  Peisch Custom Software
Mike Lewis Consulting Pinter Consulting
Steven Black Consulting  
Kirtland Associates Paltiel Inc.
  ITA FoxPro Developers Page
The Fox Show ARG Software
Citrix Quick Books
CitrixHints Intuit Developer Network Forums
Office Application Development
Office Visual Basic Programmers Guide  
Windows CE Visual Tools  
Install Shield
The new installer for VFP7 and VFP8 is a really different beast.  At some point you will have to use it (or something similar) to deploy your application so here are a few link that hopefully will help in creating your installs.
InstallShield InstallSite
InstallShieldExpressAndVFP7 InstallShield Community
Graphics for your App
 IconGalore glyFX Leo's Icon Archive VirtualLnk   FastIcon
Create Trail\Demo Software    
Trial Creator      
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